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Specialists in all aspects of Employment Law, Immigration Law, Business Law & Practice, Advocacy and General Legal Services

Employment Law for the average individual can be complex and confusing. At Bold Legal, we take bold steps to simplify things and help you know and enforce your rights as an employee.

We are Employment Law Specialists who work to help ensure that you are well represented in the event of any disagreements or disputes or whenever relationships break down.

Our responsibility is to find practical and proactive solutions to your workplace issues.

Our unique approach ensures that we find the best way forward that ensures that you get the best possible outcome. We work with third party subsidiaries and act as your representative in all types of workplace mediation and employment tribunals. We will apply mediation techniques where necessary as it is not always the best decision to go to the tribunal.



At Bold Legal Limited, we appreciate the necessity of inclusiveness and representation of diversified cultural backgrounds among our members: professionals and the wider team.

We endeavour to encourage, attract, enhance, and continue to promote cultural diversity through the ways we relate to, and within our communities on day-to-day basis.

The Principal Solicitor believes in diversity of skills, ideas, experiences and thought from multi backgrounds and facets. This approach without any doubt creates a better opportunities and growth in businesses.

Our Team believes in strong innovation and empowerment through diversity and inclusion.

We encourage and promote equal opportunity for all race, age, sex, gender, ethnicity, cultural background, disability, or sexual orientation. We always encourage and promote the sense of belonging, and this is the strength of our growth at Bold Legal Limited.

Principal Solicitor's Profile

Mr Olanrewaju (Lanre) Ishola Fakunle is a law degree graduate in the United Kingdom. He is a qualified Solicitor with many years of experience in Advisory legal role. He attends Tribunals, Magistrate and Civil County Courts. He is a member of the Law Society in England and Wales.

Mr Fakunle specialises in Employment, Immigration, Business/Commercial, Personal Injury, Debt recovery/dispute matters. SRA ID: 479251


We provide quality and professional advice that helps simplify the complex legal framework.


We consistently provide quality and cost-effective legal services to all our clients.

Open 24/7

We are accessible to provide quality and timely legal services to all our clients.